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13921669201 b31bac5521 4Kids Entertainment 1. Favorite Movie? Two. Favorite actor / actress? March. Favorite movie scene of all movies? April. Last movie you've seen in your house? May. Last movie you've seen in movies 6. Best performance by an actor / actress? 7. Hottest actor / actress? 8. Worst movie? 9. Favorite Director? 10. Scariest movie? Just something to kill bordness. Thnx. =] 1. Favorite Movie? – The Dark Knight / Sweeney Todd 2 Actor Bookmark / actress.? – Johnny Depp / Heath Ledger. March. Favorite movie scene of all movies? – Many of the scenes that were in Step Brothers. That was a funny movie. = D 4. Last movie you've seen in your house? – Sweeney Todd 5 Last movie you saw in a theater -. Step Brothers 6 Best performance by an actor / actress.? – Heath Ledger Joker 7 Hottest actor / actress.? – Heath Ledger or Johnny Depp. All actors my age are a bit ugly. Lol 8. Worst movie? – There are many 9 favorite director.? – Tim Burton 10 most terrifying film.? – Freddy movies Krooger. They are old and corney but they still scare me. Lol. Basically … 1. Favorite Movie? Ferris Bueller's Day Off 2. Favorite Actor / Actress? Heath Ledger / Keira Knightley 3. Favorite movie scene of all movies? Hospital scene – The Dark Knight 4 Last movie you saw at home.? Hannibal Rising 5. Last movie you saw in a theater The Dark Knight 6. Best performance by an actor / actress? Heath Ledger – The Dark Knight.

7. Hottest actor / actress? Live – James McAvoy 8 Worst movie.? Click, absolutely horrible 9. Favorite Director? Coen Brothers 10. Scariest movie? Dead silence

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. In essence – DSP -> it comes to entertainment, which came kara and ss5o1 etc, these entertainment has talent and appearance looking [looking at are all pretty kara group], to respect what they want and are not problems in their students during practices . DSP have nothing "Audition Online" or "global hearing" you are only focused in Seoul, so if you want to audition for DSP have to go to Korea to have a personal face or to face hearing . To YG -> entertainment especially those looking for a 100% fully talented. They really want to avoid a high talented artist who does not really care for the looks only talent, look at the bigbang 2ne1 etc quite right talent, so they are actually the same, trainees in YG trains around 3? – May 1 Normal train and 5-8 years of a long training period because what I have said that what they really want to improve your artist and you want your artist to become one of the other entertainment, if you want Email to audition here is the link to their website, but the email is more effective than email them because here in mail them they can see their activities, such as recording your singing acting and dancing etc, and if change your mind and want to audition by email here is the address and the information that can be obtained: D ADDRESS: Sangsu-dong 394-10 Mapo Hoseong Building 3F-Gu, Seoul, South Korea, ZIP 121-829 Sin Boundary, therefore, you can send your demo at any time you want.


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10150291423 188db47edb Tmz I pretty much hate them, liked them and I think they were funny, but when I thought about it not just being completely rude. More for me, the media is just annoying. So. . What do you think about them. After looking around, I learned – TMZ. Com is a website of celebrity gossip, the result of a collaboration between AOL and Telepictures Productions, a division of Warner Bros. (all of which are owned by Time Warner). TMZ Managing Editor Harvey Levin is a law graduate who became a journalist who began his career as a legal expert on KCBS-TV Los Angeles. While positioned as an independent news site celebrity, the site is more widely regarded as a tabloid. The site claims that it is not worth for stories or interviews. Levin has stated that: "Everything is researched and vetted for accuracy." . Bleachers 'TMZ' for "Thirty Mile Zone," a term that originated in the 1960s due to the growth of the "in situ" shoots, studios and various talent guilds established a "thirty mile zone" – outside of which shooting is considered to be a location shoot, requiring per diems and other expenses of travel and subsistence pay. The zone remains centered in Los Angeles around the old offices of the Association of Film and Television Producers at Beverly and La Cienega Boulevards in California. It was often said that "Everything entertainment happens in the 'Thirty Mile Zone. '"So, essentially, the" Thirty Mile Zone "represents the center of Hollywood.

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